Marie's 90th Birthday Celebration, May 15, 2012, at her home in Lawrence, MA

Henrietta, Marie's sister in law, friend Irene, and Marie.<br />June 16, 2012 - Marie's 90th birthday celebration at her place in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The setup in her back yard was quite elaborate. Nancy and Eriks chat while Mary and Paul.inspect the food. Inga and grandson Eric, who came all the way from Iceland, Colombian friend Ana, and Latvian friends Edite and Uldis. Granddaughters Hannah and Marissa, great granddaughter Dagbjort, granddaughters Laura and Jessi and friend. Henrietta, Marie's sister in law. Marie, the birthday girl (her birthday was actually the 18th of Janusry, but that is a bad time of the year for people to travel). Henrietta in the red hat, Marie in the straw hat, and friends. Grandson Eric and his son Gudjón. Gudjón's brother Markús is watching them. Grandson Carl with his children Miranda and Matthew. Daughter-in-law Kim. Inga, son Tom, daughter Norma, friend Jim, and Kim. Couple of local friends and friend Marilyn, who came from Vermont.. Chris and Steve and more friends Granddaughters Laura, Hannah, and Marissa.. Marissa and Dagbjört. Uldis' cousin Juris with his wife Nancy and their son Eriks, who came all the way from New Jersey. Son-in-law Egils' brother-in-law Ronnie, with Nancy and Juris. Edite and Uldis with Egils' sister Baiba (Ronnie's wife). Next door neighbors Janice and Jack with daughter Norma and her husband Paul. Friends Marilyn, Dominic and Marian. Friend Jim, son-in-law Egils, greatgrandson Markus, and his mother Inga. Marie about to blow out the candles with daughters Norma and Joyce and greatgranddaughter Miranda watching.